Medical Device Screen Repair

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Medical Device Screen Repair

CSAT Medical is extremely experienced in medical device screen repair repair and is able to provide the service for a multitude of medical devices. Our experience spans equipment both within and outside of the medical industry. We are able to quickly diagnose the issue, repair the problem, and return the circuit board for reinsertion to the device and proper use.

Patient Monitoring Devices

Screen replacements are one of the most common repairs for patient monitoring devices. Damage to monitor screens renders the device unusable until it is repaired. Instead of purchasing a completely new machine, CSAT Medical can provide top quality medical device screen repair to extend the life and effectiveness of patient monitoring devices.


Compact ultrasound systems often require screen repair or replacement. Due to damage inflicted on the screen, the device may become ineffective. CSAT Medical’s expertise in medical device screen repair allows us to quickly repair or replace the screen as needed and get it back into the hands of medical professionals.

Imaging Devices

CT scanners often have LED or LCD screens that require careful maintenance and repair in the case of damage. We are experienced with LED screens and know how to repair or replace them to make the device as good as new.

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CSAT Medical can provide solutions to your medical device repair needs. Our experience repairing a wide variety of medical equipment allows us to efficiently determine and fix the issue. We provide the highest level of customer service along with the industry standard for repairs. Great equipment repairs are integral to the success of the hospital or facility in diagnosing and treating their patients. We understand the need for great medical device repair to save money and provide a better patient experience.

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