Flexible & Rigid Endoscope Repair

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Flexible & Rigid Endoscope Repair

Flexible and rigid endoscope repair encompasses many different technical processes that focus on specific parts of the device. Damage from poor handling and wear and tear lead to the most common repairs, with damage to electronic components in the control handle or stack system being rare in endoscopes. Common damages to flex scopes consist of cables that need to be replaced or torn rubber tips, while rigid scopes may experience dents in their metal exterior; across both categories, severe damage such as fluid invasion may require an entire rebuild of the scope.

CSAT Medical has a strong understanding of how both flexible and rigid endoscopes work and is able to properly repair them for use.

We are able to replace the rubber tip at the end of flexible endoscopes. This requires a very technical process to ensure that the device will work properly once the original is removed and the new attached.

Exterior Tube Dent

Damaged Cable

Tower Damage

Fluid Invasion

We offer flexible and rigid endoscope repair for several device OEMs, including Olympus, Stryker, and Storz. Our experience across the industry-leading brands allows us to provide top quality repairs to extend the life of your endoscopes and allow you to provide great patient care. CSAT Medical’s top priority is ensuring that our clients have the tools they need performing at the highest level possible.

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CSAT Medical can provide solutions to your medical device repair needs. Our experience repairing a wide variety of medical equipment allows us to efficiently determine and fix the issue. We provide the highest level of customer service along with the industry standard for repairs. Great equipment repairs are integral to the success of the hospital or facility in diagnosing and treating their patients. We understand the need for great medical device repair to save money and provide a better patient experience.

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