A New Chapter
in Medical
Device Repair

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CSAT Medical is part of a rich history of success. A subdivision of CSAT Solutions, this is a company founded on providing the highest possible quality of customer service and repairs to its clients, including hospital device repair. The CSAT Solutions company is based on the central idea of innovation. We have and will continue to innovate the way we approach customer service and our repairs process.

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Who We Are

We are dedicated to our customers. At CSAT Medical, we want to build ongoing relationships with our customers to continue to the serve them with all of their hospital device repair needs. These relationships flourish because we provide the best repairs coupled with great customer service and turnaround. Our operations and logistics have been determined to specifically allow cost and time-effective solutions for our clients.

We provide an all-in-one repair facility so that repairs can be expedited and returned to clients as soon as possible. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair techniques make us the industry standard for hospital device repair. Serving our clients well in the way we work with them is key to our and their success. CSAT Medical places priority on the client at all times because we know the need for medical device repairs. We understand the importance of what we do in helping hospitals and facilities provide great patient care.

Our Team

Marek May


Paul McCutcheon


Jim Nolet

Vice President Engineering and Quality

Brian MacKinlay

Vice President Human Resources

Jason Lu

Chief Technology Officer

Global Reach

We have worked with clients around the world and have facilities in several cities. CSAT Medical provides great service to hospitals and facilities everywhere, helping them provide better patient care. Because of our multiple locations, we are better able to service our clients and provide far-reaching service.